Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Museveni lied to the landless, says Besigye

In this Daily Monitor article by Fred Siminyu and published yesterday, Museveni's lies on the question of land are exposed.

IPC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has told Mayuge residents that President Museveni lied to them when he recently said he had given out part of the forest reserves in the district to resettle the landless. Dr Besigye said President Museveni does not have the powers to de-gazette a forest reserve without going through Parliament.

“If he wanted to give you the forest land he should have first gone to seek consent from Parliament instead of coming here to deceive you first,” he said during a rally at Bukatube Trading Centre last week.

Dr Besigye said he will solve the problem of landless people in the country because he knows the right channels to follow. While addressing a rally in Mutagisa Primary school recently, President Museveni said he had given a bigger section of South Busoga Forest Reserve and a section of Bukaleba Forest Reserve to the residents to cut down all the trees and own the land.

Malongo and Kityerera sub counties constituted 96 per cent of South Busoga Forest Reserve. “I have decided to give you 48 villages in South Busoga Forest Reserve and 500 hectares in Bukaleba Forest Reserve to make Bibanja, cultivate and settle down,” Mr Museveni said.

While addressing a rally in Mayuge town, Dr Besigye told the residents that the failure by President Museveni’s government to provide meals to pupils in primary schools will in the near future explode into a physical and mental dwarfism.

“Unless the current corrupted government is voted out and this trend is immediately checked, Uganda will in the near future have a nation full of people with dwarfed bodies and brains,” he said.

While at Magamaga town, the FDC secretary for mobilisation, Mr Mugisha Muntu, cautioned all security agents against intimidating those who do not support President Museveni.

“I warn all security operatives and especially the army commanders to refrain from meddling in the politics of this country and leave Museveni to face it alone since they did not jointly commit the mistakes with him. He is not the first or the last one to go and even after his departure, this country will remain,” Mr Muntu said.

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