Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Museveni responsible for Busoga’s woes" - Besigye

In this article from today's Daily Monitor written by Dalton Wanyera, Isaac Imaka and Gerald Bareebe, Dr. Kizza Besigye promises the people of Busoga a better life than the suffering and poverty they have had to endure under president Museveni. 

Dr Kizza Besigye’s message to the Basoga in the campaigns has remained one: “You are the poorest region in the country and it is President Museveni who has caused it.”
The Inter-Party Cooperation flag bearer while addressing a rally in Iganga yesterday maintained that in spite of the support the region has given the NRM government for 25 years, all it has got it underdevelopment.

“That is the best price he (Museveni) has found to appreciate you. It is now your turn to tell us whether you are comfortable with the system or not, it is high time you joined us,” he said. He added: “I come to ask whether you are ready to say no to poor health facilities, poor roads, poor education system and the extreme levels of corruption.”
Dr Besigye hinted on a money laundering by a political clique, which he said was living lavishly with piles of money stolen from the public coffers.

“The current NRM system has been exploitative to the Basoga and many other Ugandans. It works in such a way that money is absorbed from the poor and goes to a privileged class surrounding the President and this includes his relatives, friends, in-laws and his power-brokers.

But Dr Besigye’s claims were dismissed by the President’s Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi as baseless.
In another development, Dr Besigye reportedly halted his campaigns and spent six hours in Jinja Town carrying out a series of meetings. But by last evening, details of his meetings were scanty although it is said that he met Busoga cultural and religious leaders as well as FDC financiers who had travelled from Kampala. Dr Besigye’s campaign spokesperson Margaret Wokuri confirmed that the IPC presidential candidate recorded a campaign advert but she was tight lipped on its details.

“Yes our candidate moved to Jinja to attend to some private issues he did some recordings but let’s not talk about this until when the recording comes out,” she said.

She refuted allegations that Besigye had recorded a song to counteract President Museveni’s “You want another rap” song.

"Dr Besigye can never go to a studio to rap a song,” she said before denying knowledge of the meeting with Busoga chiefs.

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