Friday, January 7, 2011

Besigye advises on how to defeat NRM

The Inter-Party Cooperation presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, has told Luweero voters to watch and defend the ballot box after casting the vote as the only means of defeating the NRM.

Dr Besigye, who was addressing Zirobwe and Bamunanika Sub-county residents at his campaign rallies, said circumstances have forced the NRM to abandon other rigging methods but the open and most prominent method --rigging at the ballot box.

“You must watch keenly what takes place at the ballot box after casting the vote. We are sure that the NRM is going but the ballot box must be secure,’’ he said at a rally in Bamunanika.

The FDC leader said he would not be intimidated by threats of arrest because of announcing results to his people, saying the electoral laws are clear. “Why are these people panicking when it comes to declaring the result? We shall do it as it is within the law to ensure that our people get to know the real results of victory,’’ he said.

He added that the NRM party that has turned out to be a party of relatives has lost moral authority for governance because of the widespread corruption in most of the government institutions.

Dr Besigye, who made a stopover at Bamunanika Police Post and directed his supporters to paste his poster alongside those of the NRM candidates, said the police was supposed to be neutral and incase they allowed posters then all candidates from different political parties should be allowed to have theirs displayed.

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