Saturday, January 1, 2011

I will force Museveni to hand over power, says Besigye

If the Ugandans decide, then Museveni will have no choice but to leave, Dr. Kizza Besigye reassures Ugandans while on his campaign trail, reports Daily Monitor's James Eriku, Stephen Komakech & Gerald Bareebe  

The Inter-Party Cooperation presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, has said he will use all means at his disposal to ensure that President Museveni hands over power if he defeats him in the elections.
Dr Besigye was on Tuesday responding to a question by a resident of Pader Town Council, who wanted to know what he would do if Mr Museveni refuses to cede power after losing the elections.

“There is no way he can fail to hand over power,” Dr Besigye said in response to the question, “….although military option to topple Museveni’s government is not part of our plan, he can be removed just like any other regime by the will of the people.”

Dr Besigye said he has tactically been studying Mr Museveni’s political calculations and that he will be forced to invoke peoples’ power if Mr Museveni refuses to hand over power.

Dr Besigye assured Pader residents that he has established a mechanism to ensure that his votes are protected and monitored so that they are not rigged by the NRM, a party he accused of “shamefully” rigging its own internal polls. “This time Museveni and his cliques are going,” he said.

“We have our boys who will be taking no chances during the voting and tallying exercise.”

Fighting corruption
The IPC presidential candidate said his government will rid the country of corruption and mismanagement. He accused the NRM government of betraying the ideals of restoring good governance and democracy, which he said inspired the Bush War, which brought Mr Museveni to power.

Dr Besigye, who is also the FDC leader, fought on the NRM’s side in the Bush War in 1986 and also served in the government until 1999 when he broke ranks with the NRM administration.

He said the people have the power to overthrow the government so long as they feel it does not represents their will. Addressing a rallying in Agoro Trading Centre in Lamwo District on Wednesday, Dr Besigye promised to rehabilitate Agoro Irrigation Scheme and initiate new ones to improve agricultural production in Acholi sub-region.

He said the irrigation scheme will alleviate poverty and improve food security. “This government of Museveni only planted poverty in this region by sustaining the LRA war for a long time,” he said. Dr Besigye promised to increase funding to the agricultural sector.

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