Friday, January 7, 2011

EC to probe violence against opposition in Nakaseke

Well, according to this Daily Monitor article by the Electoral Commission is showing signs of biting 

The Electoral Commission (EC) has said investigations into the violence that occurred in Nakaseke District when the Inter-Party Cooperation presidential candidate was campaigning there, are underway.

During Dr Kizza Besigye’s campaign tour in Nakaseke recently, two vehicles belonging to an FDC candidate were burnt and his family beaten.

The thugs torched vehicles belonging to Mr Moses Kabarema, an opposition candidate seeking to unseat Finance Minister Syda Bbumba

The act was seen as an attempt to disorganise Dr Besigye’s campaign rally in the area.

In another incident, as he planned to appear on an already paid for talkshow at Nakaseke FM radio, Dr Besigye found the radio doors locked.

The EC said it will investigate the incidents.

“The commission has noted cases of non- compliance of campaign regulations like denying a presidential candidate access to a radio station in Nakaseke.

We shall follow up the matter with the relevant authorities,” Dr Kiggundu said during his weekly media briefing at his offices in Kampala yesterday.

“The commission also noted the violence also in Nakaseke where motor vehicles were set ablaze…even as we await police report; we condemn what happened and ask that all Ugandans be tolerant of one another.”

Meanwhile, Dr Kiggundu said printing of ballot papers had begun and they would be delivered in the country two weeks to the polling date. The general elections are slated for February 18.

The ballot papers are being printed in the United Kingdom and China.

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