Friday, January 7, 2011

Poverty will be Museveni’s legacy, says Besigye

No doubt! according to this Daily Monitor article by Fred Muzaale

The Inter-party Cooperation presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye, has said poverty will be President Museveni’s legacy.

Dr Besigye, who was addressing campaign rallies in Nkonkonjeru, Kayanja, Ssenyi, Kasubi, Buikwe, Nyenga and Lugazi towns on Thursday, said: “The NRM government is responsible for these upheavals we are in because it has been in power long enough than all other past governments combined together.”

He added: “Twenty five years is long enough for one to effect changes so what President Museveni has not done in the 25 years he will not do it in only five years.”

The IPC leader also accused some Baganda leaders of betraying Buganda and the Kabaka by crafting and supporting laws that suppress the Kabaka and his kingdom.

“The Cabinet meeting that discussed and approved controversial traditional leaders Bill that intends to abolish kingdoms and to demean the Kabaka was preside over the Vice President. Even the Land Amendment bill was passed by some Baganda leaders,” Dr Besigye said.

He warned residents against electing leaders basing on tribal grounds.

Dr Besigye said his government will ensure free movement of the Kabaka in his kingdom and also revive food stores to stabilise food prices and stop middlemen from cheating of farmers.

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