Friday, January 7, 2011

Thugs burn cars to stop Besigye rally

In this article published on Monday, Daily Monitor's Dan Wandera & Alfed Wandera show the extent to which some people have descended in messing up the campaigns
A day after suspected NRM supporters burnt two cars belonging to an FDC parliamentary candidate in an attempt to stop Dr Kizza Besigye from campaigning in Nakaseke District, the opposition leader has said such acts are signs of a collapsing regime.

Dr Besigye, while campaigning in Ngoma, Nakaseke District yesterday, said it was dangerous to use political ideology to execute criminal acts including intimidation, harassment and destroying property because belonging to a particular political party is a constitutional right which should be enjoyed by every Ugandan.

Hot spot
Dr Besigye was responding to an incident in which two cars belonging to the Nakaseke North constituency FDC parliamentary candidate, Mr Moses Kabarema, were torched by unknown thugs on Friday night.

According to Mr Kabarema, who is contesting against NRM’s flag bearer and Finance Minister Syda Bbumba, the act was an attempt to scare Dr Besigye from campaigning in Ngoma Sub-county, an NRM stronghold. “On Friday, boda boda cyclists warned me that they would demonstrate if Dr Besigye came to campaign in Ngoma Sub-county because they think it is an NRM stronghold,” Mr Kabarema told Daily Monitor.

NRM vice chairman for Buganda region Abdul Nadduli condemned the act and warned people to stop hiding behind the party to commit crimes. “We should allow the investigations to continue and those found guilty should be punished. NRM doesn’t condone such acts because that is what killed UPC,” Hajj Nadduli said.
Speaking in Ngoma, Dr Besigye said: “You people should not be dragged into criminal acts and intimidation of fellow citizens. You will be made to answer for these acts at one time.”

Nakaseke RDC, Mr Geoffrey Kyomukama, said he had cautioned the rowdy youth, telling them it is Dr Besigye’s constitutional right to campaign in any part of the country.

Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said the same thugs raided a bar run by the candidate’s wife and broke a television set and a DVD at 1am as she was about to close. Despite the dirty scenes, Dr Besigye traversed Nakaseke District canvassing for votes.

At a rally in Kinyogoga Sub-county, he discounted claims that his rivalry with President Museveni is personal.

“The high level of corruption and collapsing government institutions cannot be personal matters between Besigye and Museveni,” Dr Besigye said. He added: “We cannot fight over women and cause change in this country. My cause is to redeem this country of the widespread corruption, rebuild government institutions and boost the farmers to make Ugandans enjoy their country.”

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